I currently work at SIE Bend Studio as a Production Coordinator. My day to day involves helping to run weekly sprint meetings and daily stand-ups, taking notes in meetings, following up on action items, tracking blocking issues, completing odd one-off jobs, and acting as the main support person for Shotgun and Slack. I work mainly with the engineering teams but also collaborated with art, design, audio, and more.

One of my largest projects is a schema in Shotgun which I created and developed for the whole studio. This schema supported tracking tasks, epics, bugs, sprints, assets, requests, and PTO, as well as creating and tracking milestone completion. I also used Python to create four plugins for Shotgun which automated parts of the workflow for team members. As part of being the main support person, I also work with team members to create custom workflows and dashboards in Slack and Shotgun.


Once work from home began due to COVID-19, I also began recording meetings using OBS while taking notes and then editing them in Vegas and Audacity for distribution to the studio. I also identified a need with the IT team and collaborated with them to create a Slack IT ticket support system. It is my job to monitor it during working hours and be the first person who reviews all tickets. Those tickets would then be forwarded to the appropriate teams. Finally, I send a daily ticket status update to the studio.


I worked as an intern at Microsoft from June to August of 2018 in the Core Windows and Devices Group. My main responsibility was being the program manager for a small team while also doing C# and XAML programming. Part of my duties included monitoring tasks and bugs, running meetings, and deciding what features to prioritize to ensure deliverables were met on time. As part of project planning, I also made visual designs and detailed technical documentation in collaboration with the engineers on the team. At the end of the project, I presented materials and a live demo to upper management and co-workers.

Simultaneously, I worked in a supportive role on a second project. My job was to read through hundreds of feedback reports to summarize and categorize the data and turn them into actional feedback. I then presented this feedback to my manager and partner studios.


Perdition is a single player, first-person shooter with visceral, fast-paced combat and environmental storytelling. A story of vengeance, vindication, and survival. A story of closure.


Perdition was developed by Team Contraband while I was at DigiPen Institute of Technology. I was the producer for the team. Some of my key responsibilities included managing weekly sprints with the team, running standups, managing Perforce and Jira, communicating with professors on deliverables, ensuring the product met certification requirements and then submitting it to Steam, PAX, and IGF. It was an important part of my job to keep morale high, assist leads in project decisions, and streamline workflow. I also worked on the team as a programmer where I made three tools for the designers and artists as well as wrote AI and gameplay code.