I worked as an intern at Microsoft from June to August of 2018 in the Core Windows and Devices Group.


Most of the work I did there is under NDA, however, I can say that my work involved being the PM for a small team while also doing C# and XAML programming work for that team. I was in charge of ensuring that the deliverables were met on time and had to decide what features to prioritize. I also had the responsibility to make presentation materials for both projects I worked on and then present them to management and co-workers while also making visual designs and supporting technical documentation for those designs.


Perdition is a single player, first-person shooter with visceral, fast-paced combat and environmental storytelling. A story of vengeance, vindication, and survival. A story of closure.


Perdition was developed by Team Contraband while we were at DigiPen Institute of Technology. I produced the team, helped meet certification requirements during crunch, created several tools to support the designers and tech artists on the team, programmed Systems and AI elements, and fixed bugs.

As Producer, some of my key responsibilities included: managing weekly sprints with the team, running standups, managing Perforce and Jira, communicating with professors on deliverables, ensuring the product met certification requirements and then submitting it, keeping morale high, assisting leads in project decisions, and streamlining workflow.

I also worked on the team as a Tools Programmer where I made several tools for the designers and artists. For code samples from my tools, please visit the Tools Programmer page.